We can except files up to 38mb per email. Files larger than that, the easiest way is if you have a   

Dropbox   •   Google Drive  •  Microsoft One Drive
account and share link.

Otherwise wetransfer.com is a free service for large files.


What type of files do you support?


We support Mac & PC files including: PDF, EPS, JPEG, INDESIGN, TIFF, & PSD. If you have any specific questions regarding files we support, please contact us.

Free PDF Creators

Free PDF Creator
PDF 24– Create online or download and print to pdf

Free ZIP Creators – making a zip (compressed file) can dramaticly reduce file size. Also this is very useful if you have a folder of files to send. Compress the whole folder into one zip file.

J-ZIP– Download and install

7-ZIP – Download and install